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    News videos Two years ago, the authorities arrested 29 Mongols on racketeering and other charges in Oklahoma, Georgia and California after an undercover operation in promotions #1 casino gaming an A. Barrett said that when he arrived, there were several weapons scattered on the ground. At least 16 people were injured in the casino, police said, and the body of a biker gang member was later found on Interstate 40 in San Bernardino County, where he had ridden on his motorcycle. Sixty to 70 people, armed with guns laughlin shootout casino video knives, were involved, the authorities said, laughlin shootout casino video. All three of the dead were bikers, the police said, adding that numerous people were arrested and a handgun was recovered. His friend, Rick Edwards, said hotel guests scattered when the fight began, running up stairs and hopping onto elevators. An escalating turf battle between rival motorcycle gangs erupted into a shootout at a casino Saturday morning, killing three people, laughlin shootout casino video, sending panic-stricken gamblers diving for cover and shutting down the Mojave Desert town for several hours. The former cleancut Charles Schwab employee made it on the U. Many of its 8, residents work as bartenders, cashiers and dealers in the town's 11 casinos. Invalid email address. All Rights Reserved.
Biker Gang Brawl in Waco, Texas Parking Lot
    CCTV footage of the Mongols and Hells Angels brawl at the Laughlin River Albanian drug gangs flaunt their wealth in ridiculous 'PR video'. Casino patrons dived for cover under blackjack tables as two rival gangs fired dozens of shots at each other during a deadly brawl on the floor. Waco, Texas shootout among worst in motorcycle gang violence history Members of the Vagos and Hells Angels biker gang are shown handcuffed outside a Sparks, Nev. casino several years after A rivalry spat between the Hells Angels and the Mongols in Laughlin, WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.
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3 Die in Casino Fight Between Biker Gangs

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Exist? Amusing laughlin shootout casino video thinkThis material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Thousands of bikers started rolling in Friday for the 22nd annual Street Vibrations festival. All Rights Reserved. Motorcycles roared through town as visitors and residents ate, gambled and strolled through the streets. Several people at the rally said tensions had been brewing between members of the Hells Angels and the Mongols, and the fight had resulted from a territorial dispute. In another case, a firearm trap nearly struck an officer in the face as he opened a security fence. Also at the entrance was a notice that anyone younger than 16 was under curfew from 6 p. Car bombs among booby traps targeting California cops. Laughlin, located 90 miles south of Las Vegas along the Colorado River where California, Nevada and Arizona meet, is a booming gaming town. In addition to the "large number of people in custody, we have numerous weapons," he said -- "knives, guns and tools.



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